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Talofa Airways

Talofa Airways is an airline providing passenger and cargo services between Samoa, American Samoa and other islands of the Pacific.


Twin Commander 690B

Twin Commander 690B

Talofa Airways operate Twin Commander 690B model, a pressurized high-wing twin turboprop with a rugged design and plenty of power. With a roomy cabin featuring seating for up to nine passengers utilizing the copilot seat for the ninth passenger, the airplane is comfortable with air condition and has great visibility. Its rugged construction also is well suited for unimproved and short field airport operations. In its early years in the late 1950’s, the US Air Force selected the Aero Commander due to its exceptional performance characteristics and was the first light twin engine aircraft considered safe enough for use as the personal transport for a US President. Today, the legacy of proven and improved models that followed has kept to its mission purpose, to fill a significant void that exists in the Pacific for the needs of travelers and individuals who demands convenience, time saving, and equally important, the ability to provide direct service to those who travel to destinations not directly served by commercial carriers.

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