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Freight / Cargo


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Areas                                                            

Fagalii Airport and Tafuna International Airport office are the main Drop-Off and Pick-Up points for all cargo.

Our main office in Apia and ticket office at Faleolo International airport are drop off only for envelopes and small packages under 11lbs (5kgs). Cargo drop-offs at these locations may not be delivered to their destination on the same day.

Cargo rates

DescriptionQuantityWeight (Actual or Dimensional)*Rate
Envelope or package 1 Less than 5 lbs USD $10.00
WST $20.00
Package 1 5 lbs up to 11 lbs USD $20.00
WST $40.00
Package(s) 1 or more Over 11 lbs USD $0.60 (per lb)
WST $1.50 (per lb)

* Whichever is the greater of the two weights will be charged to the customer.


How to calculate the Dimensional Weight of your cargo piece(s):

Bag Diagram


STEP 1. Measure the length, height and width of your cargo item in inches with a tape measure. Include any handles or wheels in your measurements.

STEP 2. Multiply the three measurements together then divide the total by 166. Always round up to the next whole number to find the Total Dimensional Weight in lbs. 

EXAMPLE: Length = 15 inches, Width = 20 inches, Height = 12 inches

Formula for Total Dimensional Weight = L x W x H / 166

Total Dimensional Weight = 15 x 20 x 12 / 166

Total Dimensional Weight = 21.69 (round up to the next whole number)

Total Dimensional Weight = 22 lbs


Example of price calculation over 11 lbs:

Cargo Example 1:

Actual Weight = 12 lbs, Dimensional Weight = 5 lbs

Actual Weight is used because it is greater.

(First 11 lbs @ WST $40.00) + (1 lb @ WST $1.50 per lb) = WST $40.00 + WST $1.50

The Total Cargo cost is WST $41.50


Cargo Example 2:

Actual Weight = 9 lbs, Dimensional Weight = 20 lbs

Dimensional Weight is used because it is greater. 

(First 11 lbs @ WST $40.00) + (9 lbs at WST $1.50 per lb) = WST $40.00 + WST $13.50

The Total Cargo cost is WST $53.50


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